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 There are 106 students and 13 teachers participating in this project from 5 different European schools: two Spanish, one Czech, one Italian and one Norwegian.

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Almond Tree Flowers
Fallen Apples
Autumn Leaves
Berry Branches
Tranquil forest

Klasické a španělské gymnázium Brno:  State Gymnázium in Brno (Czech Republic) | Participants: students of 4š6 |Coordination: Olga Martínez Cancelas (Maths) | Collaborators: Alice Morrisová (English Language and Literatura ), Svatava Dovrtelová (Spanish Language and Literature), Markéta Záchová (Music, Czech Language and Literature).


CPI Viaño Pequeno: Public school in Viaño pequeno -Galicie (Spain) | Participants: students of 3rd/4th grade ESO | Coordination: Carmen Buitrón Pérez (Maths) | Collaborator: Asunción Arufe (Spanish Language and Literature) 


IES Marc Ferrer: Public Secondary School in Formentera (Spain) | Participants: students of 1st grade Upper Secondary Studies | Coordination: Emilia Badenes Ayestaran (Maths, Tecnology) | Collaborators: Javier Vaňó (Physics, Technology), Regina Pérez (Maths, Technology), María Riera (Maths, Technology)


ISIS Oscar Romero: Public Secondary School in Albino (Italy) | Participants: students of 1st grade Upper Secondary Studies | Coordination: Laura Locatelli (Spanish Language and Literature) | Colaborador: Giancarlo Cavagna (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Technology)


Malakoff videregående skole: Public Secondary School in Moss (Norway) | Coordination: Silja Coello (Spanish Language and Literature)

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